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Photo of Meagan Kempf and Family, December 2011  
A brief summary of 2011...

Sophomore @ MHS
Quarterback of the JV football team
All A's for the first marking period
Now playing JV basketball now with a 4-1 record!

7th grader, homeschooled part-time and attending MMS
Certified babysitter who loves little kids
Playing clarinet for 3 years now
Just started swim team!

2nd grader at Manistee Catholic Central
Currently missing a lot of teeth
Loves singing, dancing, playing basketball and t-ball, and telling lots of jokes
Misses her friends from Jefferson Elementary, but loves her new school!

The girls and I started out the year with a two week trip to Mexico with Grammy and Grampy Bobier.  Chris came down for a week too, but unfortunately Tyler was too busy with sports and school.  We celebrated our 15th anniversary by taking a Valentine's Day trip to Las Vegas with another couple.  It was the best summer ever, with lots of camping in our old RV, canoeing and kayaking with friends, many days spent on the beach and at our friends' cottages. Over Thanksgiving, I traveled out East with my brother and the kids, going to Montreal, Maine and Niagara Falls - a total of over 2,500 miles in our new minivan.  Chris is still playing hockey and loves his time spent hunting for both deer and criminals. 

Thanks you for choosing me as both your Realtor and your friend; I am so grateful for the continued success of my real estate business.  Looking forward to lots of sales in 2012!