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Victorian Sleighbell Parade & Old
Christmas Weekend

December 3-9, 2012
Manistee, Michigan


My all time favorite event in Manistee is the Victorian Sleighbell Parade.  In all my years, I have only missed one of the parades.  In 2008 I went to New York City with my girlfriends and I often tell people that the tree in Rockefeller Center does not compare to the gigantic tree pulled by horses down River Street in Manistee, Michigan during the Victorian Parade.   I'm dead serious!

This year's parade will be Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 5:30 pm.  If you are reading this - YOU MUST ATTEND!    Why?  You won't find a more unique Christmas parade where...

  • Everyone wears Victorian period clothing.  And I do mean everyone - practically every person from Manistee is in the parade!
  • All entries in are decorated with live greenery, cloth ribbons, etc. No plastic allowed. I love it!
  • There are lots of horses, as no motorized vehicles area allowed, with the exception of automobiles built prior to 1901.
  • All music must be live and from the Victorian period.
  • All lighting in the parade is in the form of candles, lanterns, oil lamps, etc.
  • Nothing is distributed in the parade - that's right, NO CANDY.  I love it and my kids don't even miss it!

Remember, the Manistee Victorian Sleighbell parade starts at 5:30 pm downtown on River Street in Manistee, MI. Hope to see you there - I'll be riding in the Coldwell Banker carriage.  

Click here for a full schedule of events

The Manistee Sleighbell Parade and Old Christmas Weekend