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Waterfront & Homes For Sale in Manistee

Septic & Point of Sale Information


Manistee County has a Point of Sale program which mandates the evaluation of all water supply and wastewater disposal systems for any property that is sold. 

This program requires a water test, septic pumping and inspection and well inspection, plus a review by the Manistee County Health Department prior to every residential real estate transaction. 

Click here to download application form.

These private contractors can assist you with the Point of Sale process:

Forbes Sanitation & Excavation

Micro Service Inc.

Salmon Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Other contractors:

Murl's Sewer & Drain Service (offers septic drain cleaning only)

Click here for additional information from Manistee County.

Contact Meagan Kempf for more information. I'm always happy to answer any questions that you may have about this process!